Pay Per Click

For most companies, pay per click is the starting point for their Internet Marketing strategy. While it’s by no means the only PPC option, Google Adwords is by far the best known. Essentially it works by bidding on certain keywords or phrases – every time someone enters that keyword into Google they will (in theory) see your advert to the right of the natural search listings. Every time someone clicks on your advert they will get taken to your site – and you pay Google for the click. Sounds simple? On one hand it is, on the other it has become a fine art to getting the most out of Adwords and other PPC options. Using our expertise, you can develop your PPC campaign to be more cost effective, more targeted and ultimately attain higher rates of conversion once you get a visitor to your site. First Exact work onsite with you to develop the campaign giving you access to constant feedback, as well as offering training for your staff to ensure you are able to continue to maintain and develop your PPC activities after our contact has ended.

First off, keyword research is essential – at First Exact we work with you to understand your business, your industry and your customers and create a comprehensive list of keywords that we use across all our Internet Marketing efforts. A good PPC campaign relies on quality keywords – we understand what works and what doesn’t.
Secondly, we use professional copywriters to create precise compelling advertorial creative – PPC adverts offer very little room to sell your product so it’s important to get it right.
Thirdly, we continually monitor the statistics of your campaign to ensure good performance, quickly weeding-out underperforming keywords, tweaking ad creative and assessing opportunities for further development of the campaign.
Finally, we can create dedicated landing pages for each keyword grouping with highly targeted copy and use our auto-PPC management tool to save time and money.