Bath Digital Festival site launched

Posted on January 27, 2012 by Tom Lewis No Comments

Bath Digital Festival Logo

Just a quick post to say that the Bath Digital Festival site has just been launched with details of all the events going on during the week of 15th-25th March.  This is a great opportunity for Bath to show off the strength it has in the tech and creative sectors, and to underline the growing image of Bath as a city looking as much forward as it is back.  We’ve got a major BathSPARK event during the festival which will be an awards night called the Sparkies (see what we did there) – and this will celebrate the best in tech both from 2011 and 2012.

It’s also worth looking at the Bath Digital blog which has been set up on the Bath Digital site- we’ve worked hard to bring together the best in tech and creative writing talent- the idea is that Bath Digital will act as an umbrella brand for the various related events that go on in Bath, including BathSPARK, Creative Bath and BathCamp – but there’s room for all so Bath business blogs like this one will continue to be useful on its own merit as well as contributing to the Bath Digital effort.

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